A New Look for Robinson Club Maldives Huvadhu

The Club Maldives Huvadhu has been extended to 20 new exclusive water bungalows. In addition, all terraces of the existing bungalows have been renovated, the floors have been completely renewed and the interior design has been freshened-up.

A beautiful island in the middle of the Indian ocean, with amazing blue seas, and white beaches are the perfect ingredients for a wedding or honeymoon. The happy couple will experience an unforgettable holiday snorkelling on the coral reef, participating in a Body & Mind course on one of the gorgeous beaches, or indulging in fine cuisine.

The resort’s main focus is on “FeelGood”: enjoyment for enjoyment’s sake – with delicious “WellFood” in their specialty restaurant or with live cooking, accompanied by refreshing drinks: a wonderful opportunity to recharge one’s batteries and take a time out with yoga, live music and sundowner events.

STAND No. 332

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