ITB China 2018: 50% Growth in Year 2

Exhibition again fully booked – more floor space for Middle Eastern and Latin American exhibitors

After its premiere last year, the success of ITB China is set to continue: China’s new marketplace for the travel industry, taking place from 16 to 18 May in Shanghai, was already fully booked out with a 50% increase in gross exhibition area compared to last year.

More than 700 exhibitors from 80 countries will be represented in China’s threeday B2B travel trade show. In addition to established exhibitors from last year, ITB China has been able to secure many newcomers. Furthermore, a total of 2,700 attendees are expected to take part in the lectures, discussions and keynotes of ITB China Conference, given by more than 120 industry speakers.

“ITB China is becoming a driving force behind the Chinese travel industry”, said David Axiotis, General Manager ITB China. “Exhibitors and visitors can look forward to three highly intense business days at the second edition of ITB China with interesting opportunities to explore the latest trends in Chinese travel”. (see our exclusive interview page 7).

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