Sharjah: An Arabian Haven for Culture Lovers

The Emirate of Sharjah is increasingly renowned as a magnet for culture enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of the civilisation of the Arab region, both traditional and contemporary – and for good reason. From its fairs and festivals to its museums and universities, Sharjah truly holds its own as a cultural capital in the region. Sharjah’s dedication to preserving its culture can be seen clearly through the traditional Arabian and Islamic architecture that characterises much of its landmarks. In an effort to shed light, quite literally, on that aspect, the emirate organises the now-world-famous Sharjah Light Festival, whereby landmarks across Sharjah bear threedimensional light displays for ten days each February.

Tourists can enjoy Sharjah’s pristine family-friendly beaches on the Gulf coast. When China is in the midst of winter, Sharjah basks in a warm 27 degrees Celsius, offering the perfect atmosphere for exploring the outdoors, where families can enjoy plenty of activities in charming locations such as Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Qasba, and Khalid Lagoon. Visitors can relax with their families in any of the nearly 55 parks, which offer the latest facilities and amenities. The emirate’s latest destination for a family day out is the Al Montazah Park, a 126,000-squaremetre theme park featuring eight pulsating rides. For adults and children seeking an extra bit of adventure, the park offers Al Montazah Adventures, which consists of a number of gladiatorinspired obstacle courses divided into varying difficulty levels.

STAND No. 530

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