South America Opens its Arms to Chinese Travellers – Thanks to Operamerica


Operamerica is a wholesale incoming tour operator focused on cultural and adventure groups in Central, South America and the Caribbean. They take the very best of each city or destination and present it in 2 or 3 days, then integrate it to a set of countries connected to a region in a short format so that the tourist knows more countries and destinations in the time he has prepared for his or her travel. We asked CEO Carlos E. Young to tell us more…

Our tours include meal, lodging, entertainment, guides in Chinese throughout the journey and most importantly the air ticket throughout the circuit. That is, as a wholesaler, we pack the best of America at a low cost, so that wholesaler in China can offer a complete product at a reasonable price. We offer our products only to outbound tour operators and we look forward to work with some or just a handful wholesalers in China.

How are tourism figures for Chinese outbound travellers progressing in South America, what are the prospects for the future, and why are more and more Chinese visitors heading for this region?

I believe the future looks very promising. It is estimated that more than 2 million Chinese tourists visited Latin America last year, and this is less than 2% of Chinese tourists who travelled internationally. The main impediment is the flight distance and connections that add up to more than 30 flight hours, but things are changing rapidly. Chinese airlines are turning their focus to Latin America at the direction of their government, which wants a global presence from its airlines. Air China serves São Paulo, Brazil; La Havana, Cuba; and now Panama City, Panamá. China Southern covers Mexico City.

What are your key aims at ITB China?

Our main objective at ITB-China is to make agreements with outbound tours operators, while promoting Central, South America and the Caribbean through regional tours, so that Chinese tourists get the most out of visiting multiple destinations in each travel.

STAND No. 623

Photo: Carlos E. Young – CEO, Operamerica

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