Transfers: The Missing Link as an Opportunity to Increased Sales

Transfer booking specialists Intui. travel Transfer are offering an affiliate programme for travel agencies where they can book for their customer a relevant transfer according to the other trip products.

Especially for its Chinese partners, and ITB China, is introducing Chinese localisation. Now the API can be used in Chinese and 6 other languages – English, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian and French. Intui Chinese partners already have access to get the data via API in their native language. This month, the company is also announcing a B2C website in Chinese.

More than 3,000 Intui partners have already increased sales up to 8% using transfer instruments. Intui’s partners integrate & book transfers to air ticket and hotels sales to improve customer care, and satisfy customers with a large choice, low rates and top comfort.

54% of users buy relevant product at the booking phase of air ticket or hotel (Amadeus, 2015). Customers are willing to pay for comfort and satisfaction and like to add transfers to their air ticket & hotel package. Using the opportunity of closing this missing link can be massively profitable. Average cheques of US$110 and 8% growth in booking conversion are key indicators for Intui partners. 15-25% of online buyers looking for flight tickets say they would like transfer offers too.

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