ITB China News – Day 3 Edition

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Culture as a Key Tourism Asset

An increasing number of travellers are looking for authentic experiences, both when it comes to local people and cuisine, but in particular with the discovery of new cultures. Indeed, culture has become a key element in tourism development, as specifically outlined by the UNWTO in its Muscat declaration on “tourism and culture: fostering sustainable development”. The declarat ion reinforced the UNWTO’s commitment to: strengthen the synergies between tourism and culture and advance the contribution of cultural tourism to the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the 17 sustainable development goals; enhance the role of tourism and culture in peace building and heritage protection, especially in conflict affected areas; promote responsible and sustainable tourism management of cultural heritage; encourage a creative and innovative approach for sustainable urban development through cultural tourism; and explore the inter-linkages between culture and nature in sustainable tourism.

Promoting cultural understanding is thus at the very heart of driving tourism in the right direction. It is therefore all the more important to spotlight initiatives such as those by a number of DMOs at ITB China (i.e. Abu Dhabi, with the opening of the Louvre), in promoting and fostering culture in tourism.

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