“Post Games Brazil” – Maintaining Momentum

Culture, ecotourism & adventure, sun & beach make up the nation’s new tourism offering

The World Cup Soccer and the Olympic Games have of course had a positive effect on global perception of Brazil as a destination. But how is Embratur, the country’s DMO, attempting to perpetuate this? We put the question to Embratur President, Vinícius Lummertz.


At the end of the series of megaevents held in Brazil, (starting with the Pan-American Cup in 2007, followed by Rio+20, World Youth Day, the Confederations Cup, the World Cup and the Olympic Games) Brazil have benefitted from ample exposure to the outside world and the building of both basic and touristic infrastructure.
The total investment in the Olympic Games was of R$11 billion, 57% from the private sector and 43% from the public sector. For every R$ 1 invested in sports facilities, another R$ 5 are applied in projects for the city that shall remain as a legacy for locals and tourists.
To keep the positive trend, Brazil is now implementing a series of measures for tourists planning to visit Brazil. One big step is the electronic visa that will facilitate the entrance of tourists coming from Japan, the United States and Australia. This upgrade of the tourism process will also leverage the sector in Brazil, generating more employment and income. Brazil is also working to improve the air connectivity. In Europe, there were an increase in flights of 10.80% (from 852 to 944); as in seats of 9.54% (from 256,896 to 281,408), comparing February 2017 to the same period this year.
Embratur is also working on content sharing in their social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Digital influencers are now playing a big role in the way we are promoting Brazil Internationally. In addition, we have been doing an intense work focused on tour operators aiming to increase the number of operators that are qualified to commercialize Brazil with excellence. This includes different activities such as workshops, roadshows and online trainings.

What are the key local “products” being promoted here?

This year, the segments highlighted will be culture, ecotourism & adventure, and sun & beach. Within that, Brazil will be promoting its nautical and luxury segment, beyond the many resort options available.

STAND No. 510

Photo: Vinícius Lummertz – President, Embratur

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