Chinese Tourism Professionals Experience Brazilian Verve at ITB China

No doubt the stand with the most singing, dancing, and just plain fun at this year’s ITB China was that of Brazil. And getting the Brazilian “feeling” was even easier still for those indulging in the Caipirinha tastings at the end of the day.

While it was Brazil’s first presence at ITB China, it was also the occasion to discover one of the nation’s key destinations, Iguassu.

“Iguassu is one of the seven wonders of nature, and it’s also a World Heritage site” explains Basileu Tavares, Executive Director, Iguassu Convention & Visitors’ Bureau. “It’s a destination you must visit during your life. Everybody must have it on their bucket list.”

Iguassu can be enjoyed in many different ways, such as in a boat tour taking the adventurous visitor under some of the 275 falls, or enjoying a helicopter flight, or trails through the forests. The falls are located between Brazil and Argentina, so most visitors visit both sides to see the falls adequately.

At an on-stand presentation, Tavares asked passers-by whether they were well acquainted with Iguassu and barely a hand was raised. “Many Chinese have heard about Iguassu, but few of them really know what the Iguassu Falls are”, says Tavares.

Brazil has just named China as a priority tourism market, with the aim of achieving 100,000 visitors by 2020. In 2017, the figure was around 60,000 visitors from China into Brazil and 10,000 in Iguassu.

Tavares says he and his team were very satisfied with the result of their presence at ITB China. “For us, it’s been a great experience, because it’s Brazil’s first time here. We have the attention of the Chinese tour operators, and all of them want to know more about the country and everything we have to offer”.

Photo: Basileu Tavares – Executive Director, Iguassu Convention & Visitors’ Bureau

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