ITB China 2018: A Fast- Running Two-Way Street

2nd edition solidifies reputation for quality of business and cultural exchanges

As Dr Martin Buck, Senior Vice President of Competence Centre Travel & Logistics Messe Berlin GmbH, pointed out in his interview for this review edition (read page 11), ITB China’s role is not that of a one-way street.

“It’s an exchange… It’s going in both directions, and I find it emotionally really very touching being a part of that process,” explains Dr Buck, underlining the brilliance of participants such as Ctrip boss James Liu. Not only the head of the Chinese OTA, but a number of others as well from this part of the world, are, says Dr Buck, examples from whom many in the industry around the globe can learn. This, due to their humble attitude and continual wish to learn, while at the same time driving their businesses to dizzying heights.

This year’s ITB China showed 50% growth over the first edition in many areas (floor space, attendees, conference sessions, media attendance, etc.), perhaps thanks to the attitude of mutual respect and learning instilled by the organisers. In this review edition of ITB China News, we bring you a round-up of some of the highlights.

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