Adventure, Chinese style…

What does adventure mean to the typical Chinese adventure traveler?

According to Chen Yao, Deputy General Manager of Sparkle Tour, a luxury travel brand operated by CYTS, they “aspire to get new experience from the journeys, satiate their curiosity by exploring the unknown, challenge the limits of physical strength and will power, and participate in exceptional outdoor activities that are beyond the sight of ordinary tourists.”

Sparkle Tour’s products include experiential and leisure adventure trips, such as extreme outdoor sports in New Zealand, participation in world-leading marathons, polar cruises and off-road crossing in Northwest China. As a strategic partner of National Geographic Expeditions (NGE) in China, Sparkle Tour helps NGE launch adventure products guided by NGE-certified experts, such as animal tracking in East Africa, exploration at Tangjiahe Conservation Zone and hiking in Baima Snow Mountains. Since the launch of these products, the company served over 100 travellers in dozens of groups.

“Niche or rarity is one of the charms of adventure trips which will be retained”, says Yao. “Therefore, it is essential to explore the diversi ed needs of these consumers, instead of mass production.”

In general, adventure travellers are prepared for simple food and accommodation. In particular, when the situation is extremely tough, most of travellers fully expect camping, humble accommodation and rough food, said Yao. “However, some travellers prefer luxury in wilderness. After a day of challenges, premium accommodation and catering services substantially improve the overall travel experience, which depends on their budgets,” she said.

Popular destinations include South and North Poles, South America and Africa. In and around China, the list features national parks/ inhospitable zones such as Xinjiang and Tibet/ complicated territories in Northwest China and Guizhou.

Photo: Chen Yao Deputy General Manager, Sparkle Tour