China set to become a driving force in the global adventure travel sector

The ITB China Travel Trends Report has revealed that China is expected to become a driving force within the adventure travel sector internationally, despite still being at an early stage in the market.

The trends report was created in collaboration with the international consulting and research company Kairos Future and will be presented this year at ITB China. According to the survey results from 300 Chinese outbound travel agents, over 52% think Chinese travellers would be willing to spend more than CNY10,000 on each adventure trip. A survey has also been conducted among members of the ITB China’s Buyers’ Circle. 80% of these surveyed businesses agree that adventure travel is a travel category that appeals most strongly to young Chinese born in the 1980s and 1990s.

Adventure travel can take many forms, and the meaning of “adventure” differs widely from traveller to traveller. For some, the ultimate adventure can be found in high adrenaline activities such as skydiving or paragliding. For others, adventure requires embarking on an expedition into the wilderness to engage in activities such as hiking or rock climbing. The interest in adventure among Chinese travellers runs parallel to the strong entrepreneurial ideals present in today’s Chinese society.