When talking about Honeymoons, people used to primarily dream about French Polynesia, the Seychelles, the Maldives, Mauritius – all tranquil places with white beaches and blue water. In the past five years however, this has been dramatically changing. There are still couples are looking for a timeout together on a remote beach, but more and more couples are looking for a unique experience. Normally, a Honeymoon will be the most expensive trip a couple may ever take in their life: absolutely understandable, as this trip should be something really special and should be the first page of the story which they will write together throughout the rest of their lives. More and more couples are thus looking to gain long lasting memories that they can tell their kids about one day.


According to a tripsavvy survey published in the USA this January, 80% of Honeymooners in the past five years used social media to research their destinations.

US$12bn estimated value of honeymoon industry
8 DAYS average length of a honeymoon
14% average part of total wedding budget spent on the honeymoon



On the top of the “new honeymoon ideas” list is the safari: an experience about which both sides are today increasingly enthusiastic. The ladies always love the animals (especially the baby lions) and the men love to be in the nature and to explore. Furthermore, safari lodges are a perfect place for romantic dinners while having the last drink, and before going to bed, the stars in the desert always shine brighter than you will ever see it in a city. Travelling to wilderness areas in other parts of the world is also a great idea.


Honeymoon cruising is becoming increasingly popular. The fact of unpacking once and exploring a lot of different cities and harbours can be very relaxing, and at the same time cruise lines are welcoming honeymooners and providing special surprises for them, like a romantic dinner on a remote deck or even a visit with the captain on the bridge, or dinner with him or her. It’s important to study the seasons and plot a course to ensure a holiday is full of romance, free of stress and delivered with lashings of “special”.


Exploring the world is a dream often heard today from honeymooners. Not as before with a backpack; the honeymoon should have a luxury component. There are no specific countries to point out in this case, as the interests of the couples vary considerably. Asia is always popular, and there also experiences like staying and working for a couple of days in a monastery, or on the other side it could be a road trip in the USA which gives a feeling of freedom. Some are even going to the Antarctic to see the breaching of a whale, a slippery seal or a huddled penguin.


Why just aim for a summer holiday? What about a luxury getaway in the Autumn, with the crunch of the leaves underfoot and the romantic red and gold of the turning leaves all around? Not only that, the big crowds will have gone, making the visit that more intimate! There are so many kinds of perfect honeymoon, it is important to speak with the couple, understand their needs and then be creative enough to nd the suitable experience which is creating long lasting memories – Honeymoons are often a great start to becoming friends with the couple, ensuring they become regular clients for the rest of their days.

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