Into the great outdoors

Chinese travellers are increasingly showing an interest in activities like mountaineering, diving, boating, and skydiving, according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). Adventure travel has been growing at a rate of four times the mass travel industry over the last decade, and China’s interest in adventure travel is growing rapidly: “The interest seems to be increasing for both the outbound traveller and inbound traveller,” says Jake Finifrock, ATTA Regional Director, Asia.
Specialists point out that China has attractive options for adventure tours, such as off-road riding trips in the Western part of China.
“It appears that as the Chinese traveller has more opportunities to explore other destinations that they are interested in trying new and exciting activities that either aren’t available in China, or are undeveloped,” Finifrock adds. “Urban travellers from China are drawn to the excitement and engagement that many adventure activities bring, but may not yet be as experienced in some of the activities as international travellers, and safety and clear communication are sometimes of some concern,”
He added, “In the future, as domestic standards increase and protocols develop for domestic adventure travel, the Chinese traveler will have had greater exposure to adventure activities, and will be adequately equipped to engage in a wide array of adventures. The heart and desire is clearly growing, and undoubtedly China will become a driving force in the adventure travel sector”.


Photo: Jake Finifrock Regional Director, ATTA, Asia

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