Big data means big business


Flight Master is renowned in China as a leading travel platform for air and high- speed rail travel services… but this year at ITB China, visitors will have the chance to discover their extraordinary capacity to gather “big data”.

Indeed, China’s fast evolving air transport market holds no secrets for Flight Master, who keep close track of the flight habits and behavioural preferences of Chinese travellers. As a leading intelligent travel platform in China, Flight Master provides big data solutions of traffic information for related enterprises and empowers business scenarios by its massive flight & high-speed railway traffic information solutions.

In her keynote, “What new changes will big data and artificial intelligence bring to flight, high-speed railway and superior taxi service?”, at 10:50 am on 17 May, Conference room B, JiangYue, vice president of Flight Master will reveal details of recent studies done by Flight Master in the field.


Photo: JiangYue, Vice President, Flight Master