MarTech enabling tourism

In today’s conference session “MarTech enabling tourism, how to really grasp their journeys?” (4:40pm – presentation hub), Christy Yin, Operation Director of Webpower, explains how to use MarTech technology to create high-quality marketing activities. She will be talking about airlines and hospitality … two very different fields. We asked her how is MarTech is leveraged in each case.

The aviation and hospitality industries have many similarities in terms of marketing. For example, the OTA platform often takes “airline + hospitality” as the classic combination, and they have the intersection in target users (TA), marketing scenarios, conversion cycle and repeat purchase frequency.

Similarities include:

  1. Timely marketing: with the marketing journey planning function, clients can rapidly select target users, deliver timely and accurate messages for users in different stages, which can effectively avoid the problems caused by real-time price fluctuation;
  2. System interworking: this integrates various functional systems of the enterprise, including the reservation system, CRM system, social system, various promotion and marketing systems, and the third-party cooperation system, so as to ensure the accuracy of marketing output for consumers;
  3. Multi-channel interaction for large-scale activities: for activities like member days/e-commerce/festivals etc., push messages through the optimal channels in a hierarchical manner, and enable users to receive 360-degree interactive marketing experience
  4. Data integration: establish user data centre, integrate the performance report of different marketing channels, and constantly update the applied labels of consumers, so as to achieve accurate marketing in different stages.

On the other hand, the hospitality industry pays more attention to user experience and member loyalty management. Therefore, we provide more solutions for subscription optimisation, interactive marketing activities. We do life cycle marketing to enhance user loyalty, word of mouth and user interaction. At the same time, we effectively combine shopping, entertainment and other matching products to enhance the competitiveness of the hospitality package.

Photo: Christy Yin, Operation Director, Webpower

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