Italy… naturally!

From snow-capped peaks of the Italian alps, passing by lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wild woodlands and prairies, rocky islands with azure blue sea… Italy has an incredible variety of natural settings that take the visitor’s breath away. Following are just a few destination ideas for travellers seeking the “wilder” side of the nation.

Piedmont: Gaze in awe at spectacular and mighty mountains rising over 4,000 metres skywards. Piedmont offers a patchwork of 94 protected areas and landscapes of extraordinary splendour, including the Grand Paradiso National Park and Valle Grande National Park, with its crystal pure waters running through gorges protected by high rock walls.
The Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region: Visitors to this region can discover pure unadulterated surroundings. In many places, one has the feeling time has stood still, in nature reserves, parks, lakes and mountains where silence reigns. If a visitor has a longing for total immersion in nature, then Friuli-Venezia Giulia is an ideal destination.

Puglia: The region features beautiful landscapes blending the colours and scents of the seaside, Mediterranean scrubland, centuries-old olive groves and oak forests. As a nature tourism destination, Puglia is convivial at any time of the year thanks to its particularly mild climate. One is able to find rare species of plants and animals in protected areas such as the National Parks of the Alta Murgia and Gargano, and natural reserves like the biodiversity oases managed by the World Wildlife Fund.

Veneto region: The Po Delta Nature Park covers more than 400 sq km and is one of Europe’s largest wetlands. This Delta makes up a fascinating landscape harbouring a beautifully preserved ecosystem and wilderness. It is the perfect destination for those looking for a holiday “far from the madding crowd” and alive with fresh air and outdoor activities.

Tuscany: Tuscany has a huge choice of destinations for nature lovers, including the hills of Fiesole, Asso Valley, Sassetta, Chianti, Capraia Island, Siena… the list goes on. The Maremma Regional Park, an earthly paradise that stretches for 25 km along the southern coast of Tuscany, is an ideal place in the summer thanks to its crystal-clear sea and is perfect for walking and hiking all year round.

STANDS A051 / D071

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