Malta: the ultimate “experiential” destination in the Mediterranean


This is the age of the experiential traveller, and Malta offers a magnificent opportunity of discovery. We asked Carlo Micallef, Deputy CEO & CMO of Malta Tourism Authority, what Malta is primarily promoting at ITB China.

At ITB China, Malta is promoting the unique travel experience combination of impressive heritage, diverse tourism product and the great hospitality for which the Maltese people are famous. In the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta combines the beauty of nature with blue skies, clean seas and a mild climate with a long and very interesting history dating back to more than 7,000 years. Malta’s UNESCO world heritage Neolithic temples are older than the pyramids of Egypt, and its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean made it very attractive to the dominant Empires of the different eras.

How important are Chinese visitors to Malta currently and what are your targets?

Chinese visitors to Malta are important for the objectives of growth in numbers outside the summer peak months as well as for diversification of tourism nationalities visiting Malta. The 5 year target is for 50,000 Chinese visitors to Malta per year. In order to be able to achieve this, we aim to establish better flight connectivity and expand Malta’s marketing activities in China.

How are you working with Chinese travel professionals to raise awareness about your destination?

In spite of considerable marketing and PR efforts in the last 2 years, Malta is still new in the Chinese market. Malta is attracting a lot of interest but there is strong competition from big countries that are better known and have been active in China for many years. In the Chinese market Malta is open to different ways of cooperation. We have a strong cooperation with all forms of media, including social influencers and TV. Malta is also open to cooperation with tour operators, travel agents as well as group organisers. Throughout the year Malta organizes familiarization visits to Malta for both media as well as trade because one can only truly understand how much Malta offers when it is experienced personally.

Chinese tourists, whether visiting Malta for leisure, education or meetings, are sure to receive a warm welcome and enjoy an incredible experience.


Photo : Carlo Micallef, Deputy CEO & CMO, Malta Tourism Authority

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