Tapping into Europe… the right way

The European Travel Commission is back at ITB China this year, represented by Miguel Gallego – Head of Marketing and Communication, who notably participated yesterday in a roundtable on connecting Chinese travellers via the use of digital tools. We asked him how the way destination marketing organisations communicate with Chinese travellers is changing.

Chinese travellers have become more mature, moving away from traditional tour packages and groups toward authentic and diverse travel experiences, ultimately infl uencing the way we communicate with them. They are travelling independently, ditching the major tourism destinations and attractions for less exploited places and travel products, more frequently taking advantage of mobile and digital technology. This has given rise to the emergence and growth of channels that help consumers tailor their experiences to their personal taste. In particular, FITs search for and rely on trustworthy content online that provides destination information , review s and recommendations on attractions, accommodation, local tours and anything related to travelling abroad. Optimized online visibility has thus become very important, as well as the maximization of the use of social media channels for communication and promotion activities, as they stimulate interaction and engagement with consumers and generate positive buzz and interest. Destination marketing organisations need to be visible in the Chinese online universe in order to make it onto the shopping lists. In this respect, influencers are a powerful online marketing tool in China, and are rising in popularity, especially in the tourism industry.


Photo : Miguel Gallego, Head of Marketing and Communication, European Travel Commission


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