China Kanghui Tourism Group calls on Island DMOs to increase promotional campaigns

For organisations keen on targeting China as a source market, there is a need to introduce more destination marketing campaigns, according to Zhu Wenbo, Vice President and General Manager of Business, China Kanghui Tourism Group.

The group focuses on packaged tours and family-oriented semi- self-guided tours designed for the mass market, with compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for such tours expected to grow up to 35% over the next 2-3 years.

Speaking in an interview with the Travel Trends Report (TTR), Wenbo explained that more should be done by local operators and DMOs when it comes to hosting Chinese outbound travellers, adding that for the overall in-destination experience, there are certain aspects that stand out.

According to Wenbo, an itinerary of an island trip needs to include transport to/ from the destination, accommodation, information about local traffic, local experience and shopping recommendations.

“A seller shall explore its own positioning to discover its own differentiated strength and also identify its target audience. By working with local travel agents in China or building up its own distribution network, it can engage in precisely targeted marketing and advertising campaigns,” said Wenbo.

He added that there are certain areas where sellers can improve upon their offering. Firstly, they can provide more local experience programs, e.g., local life or services. Also, in addition to luxury hotels, they can try to introduce some themed and boutique hostels or even local accommodation options. Sellers can also offer cultural or adventure programs for a unique and personalised experience.

Other areas include provision for Chinese-speaking guides and also providing detailed information about trips that can be useful for tourists. “All this can be enhanced by reviewing the consumer behaviour and habits of Chinese travellers,” said Wenbo.

He went on to add that such detailed analysis can also pave way for new itineraries or even experiences that can step up the interest level of Chinese tourists. “(Semi-) self-guided tours are increasing popular”.

Photo: Zhu Wenbo Vice President and General Manager of Business, China Kanghui Tourism Group

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