Travel Trends Report underlines importance of customised travel

The 2019 ITB China Travel Trends report was officially presented by Andreas Reibring, Head of Research, Kairos Future (China) on Thursday May 16 at the presentation hub.

Reibring delivered what will no doubt be vital information for travel professionals in China, and for suppliers around the world, when it comes to planning customised travel – a fast growing trend in the market.

The ITB China Travel Trends Report is a collaboration between ITB China, the Buyers Circle, and Kairos Future, in which key trends of trip customisation and themed travel were examined, with a focus on four of the hottest travel themes: island travel, adventure travel, sports travel, and culture travel. “ITB China has a very extensive network of key Chinese travel businesses, not least through the Buyers Circle, which is a fantastic source of knowledge about the Chinese travel market”, explains Reibring, adding, “Each of these businesses already has a good understanding of the market they are operating in – the report is a way of integrating all of this knowledge and distilling key insights.”

The survey outlined growth rates and trends in each of the four categories, along with supporting data. The field of culture travel is the hottest topic for the surveyed Chinese travel agents, with 62% of the respondents reporting an expected growth of 30% or more over the next three years.

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