They’ve got the ticket


Any travel agent or tour operator who has ever tried to organise airport transfers or public transport in Europe or the USA knows what a nightmare this can be. It can even come down to travel agents giving their own credit card number to buy public transport tickets for their clients. Here for the first time at ITB China, UK-based Global City Cards has solutions that are unique in the industry, thanks to volume booking and specific agreements with transport organisations.

According to Laurie Pruvost, Managing Director of Global City Cards, “It has been a long process to get access to tickets and transfers in top cities, and we are the only ones in the industry who offer a comprehensive service in this respect.”
Global City Cards also help travel professionals from around the world obtain city cards, attraction tickets, museum passes and sightseeing tours for over 160 cities across 5 continents. Etickets can be supplied in various formats. As a ticket that can be immediately used; as an exchangeable voucher or even as a physical ticket. Ms Pruvost says Chinese operators love working with her company, “because it’s easy, simple and excellent customer service is offered!”.


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