Israel: official Culture Travel Partner of ITB China 2019

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism is the official culture travel partner of the third edition of ITB China.

“This is the second consecutive year that Israel Ministry of Tourism is taking part in ITB China and we are proud to enhance our collaboration with the organisers and become culture travel partner at ITB China 2019,” said Bora Shnitman, Israel Tourism Attaché in China, adding, “Israel is well known in China as an attractive destination for those travellers who are looking for unique and unforgettable cultural experience”.

“This year our annual theme is ‘Promised land, made with wisdom’. We would like to introduce to Chinese travellers the great diversity that Israel has to offer to its visitors, from ancient history and culture to advanced innovative technologies and ideas,” adds Schnitman. “In addition, during ITB China, we will be presenting new cultural travel products to visitors and looking forward to fruitful cooperation with our new and old Chinese partners”.


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